Solar garden lights are a great way to change your landscape, yard or garden into a beautiful area your family and friends can enjoy.  There are many benefits to installing solar lights. Not only are they energy efficient and easy to install, they are inexpensive and versatile in illuminating areas for a unique décor.

Solar lights provide more than just ambiance to your front yard.  As backyards are utilized as an extended living space, lighting with solar has become a popular way to add the right function and décor to these outdoor areas.

There are many uses of solar garden lights and they can be placed in specific ways in your landscape.

Accent lighting – This lighting use is the most common as the soft hues of LED lights can create the right look to your garden décor.  Some can even be set to change colors, constantly providing a new look to your outdoor living space.  Most solar lights don’t emit a lot of light which also makes them perfect for adding the right look.

Path Lights -   If you are thinking of what a solar light should look like, you are probably picturing one used as a path light.  When solar lighting first became popular, many homeowners used them to line sidewalks and walkways as a cheaper alternative to low voltage lighting.

These lights are still being used in this way, but they are also used to light grassy paths and walkways to features in the landscape.  As outdoor areas are used in evenings for entertaining friends and family, they serve a dual purpose providing light to safely walk to and from landscape destinations like pools, gazebos, fireplaces and fire pits, and create a lighted ambiance.

Spotlights – Solar spotlights are much brighter than regular accent lighting and path lights.  These lights are great for highlighting areas of your garden or landscape you want to prominently display.  Spotlights are also a great way to add to accent lighting by calling attention to certain landscape or garden features.  Some solar spotlights are designed to fill a security need and have a motion sensor come on when movement is detected.

There are many other ways solar garden lights are used in the landscape, and they come in many styles to suit these needs.  They are also made from many types of materials to match many styles and garden décor.  With all these options and benefits available to homeowners, it is no wonder that solar lighting is so popular and will continue to provide beautiful ambiance to any garden or landscape.

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